Where can you go supping at sea? A few tips that you can consider before buying a SUP Board

For example, you can go for a ride on the sea. Here the water is a bit wilder than on other waters, so you can improve your SUP qualities. However, there are a number of things you should pay attention to.

Tips for a better experience

As you probably heard, it is possible to go sea-surfing. However, you need to take into account a number of things to prevent accidents from happening. It is also important that you only go sea-surfing when you have enough experience. As a beginner it is not advisable to go directly to the sea with your SUP board. Therefore we have put together some tips for you, so you know what to pay attention to when you go to the sea for the first time. Safety is very important when you’re paddling and when your starting with supboards for beginners.

1. Buy an inflatable board

When you go to the sea to SUP, it can be useful if you are in possession of an inflatable SUP board. The sea is for many people not around the corner. The advantage of an inflatable board is that you can easily take it with you in the trunk of your car. Then you can inflate the board on location using a handy electric pump to get into the water within minutes.

2. A short and wide SUP board

SUPing at sea is generally more difficult than on lakes or rivers, because the water is simply wilder. That is why a short and wide SUP board can be very useful. Such a board is more resistant to rough water and reduces the chance that your board will tip over. In our webshop we offer several short and wide boards that are ideal for the sea. Source:

3. Stay close to the shore and surf

The further you go into the sea, the wilder the water gets. This can make it almost impossible to paddle properly. Therefore, don’t go too far from the shore with your SUP, but stay close to the surf.